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Evolution In Action

Ten years ago businesses needed websites. Websites were a new powerful capability that allowed businesses a cutting edge method for interacting with their customers. That trend is quickly moving into the mobile world.

Today apps have become the new website. They engage customers in ways that were previously not possible and open the doors to new sources of revenue. Apps provide a service to your customers allowing them to stay connected to you wherever they go.

This ubiquitous connection enables you as a business to push information to your customers such as events and upcoming sales. Your customer is not only connected to you but also their network of friends. A high quality app can help a business grow through social networking. Technology is here to stay and staying current can be a challenge. The benefits for keeping up can be very rewarding and we are here to help you do just that.

Mobile Trends

Mobile Devices Drive Commerce

This week marks the start of H2, 2011- a perfect time to consider key trends for the mobile sector in 2012. Three of the sharpest researchers in the industry, Nitesh Patel (Strategy Analytics), Michael Vakulenko (Vision Mobile) and Dr. Bruce Krulwich (Grizzly Analytics) share their predictions for 2012. In short, next year will see mobile devices driving commerce, Apple and Google battling for ecosystem dominance and mobile location services more deeply integrated into our daily lives. more

Mobile Insights

The internet revolution brought information online; the mobile internet revolution makes information accessible immediately anywhere. By the end of 2011, over half of Americans will own a smartphone. Demand is high. Mobile users are driving this change: more smartphones are being shipped than PCs. As adoption grows, so does the use of the mobile web. Over 50% of new internet connections already come from mobile devices and its growing. Mobile searches have increased 4x since last year 4. Mobile is big and it's going to change your business. more

10 Mobile Trends for 2011

In its annual mobile technology report, Forrester Research has outlined the trends it expects to see in the coming year. Technologies like 4G and LTE, Near Field Communication (NFC), barcodes and augmented reality will see increasing amounts of hype in 2011, and the use of mobile/social/location combinations will soar, the report says. But for companies, the goal should now be on developing mobile business cases and strategies. more

Samsung offers a peek into mobile trends of the future

The U.S. division of Korea's Samsung Electronics took a deep dive into its mobile technologies today at its local U.S. chip headquarters in San Jose, Calif., highlighting everything from the coming flexible screens for tablet computers to dual-core processors for smartphones. more

The key mobile trends emerging from CES 2011

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, it's all about mobile -- and mostly about Android. Strictly speaking, that's not true; there were also plenty of HDTVs, stereo speakers, and other home entertainment wares on display, but the main events have all been about mobile. more